Teaching Staff

Teaching Staff

Teaching Staff

Our highly qualified and committed teachers are recruited from the UK, and other international schools worldwide where teachers have gained experience in the delivery of the English National Curriculum.

They are fully responsible for the learning and achievement of all students in the classes ensuring equality of opportunity for all. They are accountable for achieving the highest possible standards in work including monitoring of progress towards achievement.

All our teachers are friendly and kind-hearted. They have the skills to treat students with dignity, building relationships in mutual respect, and at all times observing proper boundaries appropriate to a teacher’s professional position.

They can work proactively and effectively in collaboration and partnership with learners, parents, governors, other staff and external agencies in the best interests of students. Our teachers take responsibility for promoting and safeguarding the welfare and health and safety of students within the school.

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Q  How many staff are employed by the school in total (including temporary and admin staff)?
A  173 including house-keeping

Q  How many teaching staff are employed by the school?
A  101

Q  What qualifications do your teaching staff have?
A  BEd Degree (normally 4-year course)
    Degree (3-year course) plus Postgraduate Certificate in Education (1-year course)

Q  Do you have any teaching staff with higher degrees?
A  13 teachers have a Masters

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