Drop & Collect

Drop & Collect

We have closed the road between the front car park and the school’s main entrance to staff and parent’s cars so that students can cross safely once they have left their parent’s vehicle. Thank you for respecting and protecting our student’s safety and not moving the barrier to use this road. Please do not park in the bus bays in the morning or after school as it slows the buses arrival and departure and endangers our children as they enter and exit the bus.

Lessons begin promptly at 8.05am

All students arriving before 7.45am should go direct to the hall. All KG2 to G4 children should be in the assembly hall by 7.55am for the national anthem. All G5 to 8 students arriving after 7.45am should proceed directly to their cluster for the national anthem at 7.55am.

Lessons end at 2.30pm, gates will open after 2.40pm, please ensure your child is collected promptly. At 2.50pm your child will be moved to the KG1 corridor for late collection. At 3.15pm we will start to establish who is collecting the child and when.

Early Collection

Children will not be available for early collection after 2pm. Requests for bus children to be collected instead of getting on the bus must be received by the office by 1.30pm by phone or in person and children must be collected by 2pm from reception by an adult. Requests to collect all other students early must be received by reception by 1.45pm by phone or in person and children must be collected before 2pm. After 2pm parents must wait and all children must be collected from their usual pick up points after 2.30pm. This is so that we can track our students effectively and ensure high levels of child protection and safeguarding for all students at all times.

All parents requesting early collection will need to complete and sign the Early Collection Register at Reception so that we can maintain our fire registers and a record of the children who are leaving early and the curriculum hours they lose as a result. It is essential that we monitor the impact of leaving early on students’ progress.