We are a healthy school and encourage children to eat a small, healthy snack for morning break and a more substantial, healthy meal at lunch time. Food and drinks are available for sale in the school canteen at both break (cold snacks only) and lunch time (hot and cold food). Lunch boxes should be clearly marked with your child’s name and class. We are awaiting delivery of a further 13 dining tables. In the meantime Grade 1, KG1 and KG2 are eating in their classrooms. The canteen staff will be visiting their areas with hot and cold food trollies if they wish to purchase food. Due to the shortage of dining tables some children are being asked to sit on mats to eat. As soon as chairs become available children are being directed to them but we are finding some of them prefer to sit on the mats and are choosing to stay there. There is a cleaner stationed in the canteen throughout break and lunch.

We are a litter-free campus and all the children and staff are expected to use the bins provided to dispose of their rubbish and to leave their eating area clean and litter-free. Children are only allowed to take water on the playground as all food and other drinks should be consumed in the dining room. Children will be asked to pick up their rubbish if they are seen dropping it or leaving it at their eating area. We are also a nut-free campus as some adult and child members of our community have severe nut allergies. Air borne nut particles are sufficient to trigger anaphylactic reactions in some members of our community. We ask that food items sent in to school are nut-free and that if your child eats nuts before school that they wash their hands with soap and water before coming to school. Children should not use the canteen before, during or after school outside of lunch and break times.

Birthday Celebrations

We love to celebrate our student’s birthdays but we are not a party venue. Please respect that this is an educational establishment and do not ask us to host your child’s celebrations. We will distribute invitations for your child and we will distribute birthday cake which should be delivered to reception before 1pm, cut and packaged so that students can eat it at home. All cakes should be sent with a list of ingredients so that we can ensure that it is nut-free and is not given to children with allergies. We will also require evidence that the cake is within its use by date.

Term 2 - Canteen Menu