For students who are curious about the real world outside the classroom, Geography provides opportunities to deepen their understanding of the complex planet on which they live. Geography increases knowledge and confidence in dealing with challenging issues of both the physical and human environment.

Geography is the subject which holds the key to our future


In Year 7 students will study an array of topics which include geographical skills, the UK and Africa. In year 8 students will study cold environments, the Middle East and employment. In preparation for IGCSE students in year 9 students will study coats, hazardous environments and urban development.


During KS4 you will study physical Geography such as, topics coastal environments and hazardous environments, as well as undertaking a physical fieldwork investigation into beach morphology at Saadiyat Beach. You will also study human Geography which includes topics such as economic activity & energy and urban environments, as well as undertaking a human fieldwork investigation into urban sustainability at Masdar City.


During KS5 you will explore topics from a local, national and global perspective, studying a variety of case studies and named examples to deepen your understanding of the topics, enabling you to add specific location references and examples into your exam responses. You will also develop a wide range of geographical skills as you move through the course, such as map skills, graph skills and statistical skills, as well as generic skills such as debating strategies and research techniques.

Head of Department - Mr. Sean