Transport via school buses is available for those parents that live within 60 minutes bus travel to the school. Spaces on the buses as well as routes to specific areas are subject to availability.

New admissions to school and Bus Transport:

New applicants to Al Basma School will have their request for Bus Transport passed to the Transport Coordinator. The Transport Coordinator will check the bus routes and will confirm if transport to your area is available. Once this is completed your admission will proceed to the next stage. If Bus Transport is not available you will be informed so that you can then make a decision about whether to proceed with your admission application or not.

Already admitted in school and requesting Bus Transport:

Applications can be made for Bus Transport for existing students. Please email the transport coordinator on However, spaces and routes are limited. Once the school year has started, should a place and route be available then you will be informed in due course. If your home location is changing please inform the transport coordinator as soon as possible to confirm if there is a route and a seat available to your location.

General information:

Bus Transport is arranged as fairly as possible for students that are using the system. Routes to and from school must be within 60 minutes and this is monitored by the SALAMA system operated by the Integrated Transport Centre. All students using the school bus will have a bus number and in communicating with the school regarding the buses please ensure that you do refer to the bus number. This will help us to deal with your enquiry more efficiently. A responsible adult must wait with your child for the school bus at the designated bus pick up point. Students will be picked up and transported to school. At return times the responsible adult must be waiting at the drop off point and your child will be handed to the responsible adult only. Should the adult not be available at the drop off point and should they not be contacted the child will be returned to school for collection. Please note that the bus service requires students to be waiting for the bus however the bus will not be able to wait for the responsible adult and the children as such you must ensure that bus user(s) are at the designated point a few minutes before the bus arrival time. If your child travels by school bus and you change your accommodation, it is your responsibility to inform the Transport coordinator by placing a call to reception at Al Basma School or by visiting him at school where he is permanently based or by emailing him on so that he can try to move your child on to the bus for the new area. However, please be aware that we cannot guarantee a place on the bus to the new area. If the bus is full or if there is no bus available to your new location you will be placed on a waiting list and you will have to make alternative arrangements for your children to attend school.

What to do if you want to collect a child that is registered for the Bus:

If you do not want your child to travel home by bus for any reason please let reception know by email or phone before 1.30pm and collect them from their usual pick up point at the usual finish time for their year group. We cannot guarantee that if the request is placed after 1.30pm the message will be communicated to all required parties resulting in confusion. If you do not want your child to travel to school by bus for any reason please inform the bus nanny preferably the evening before, but definitely before 6 am on the day.

ABBS - Student Transport Policy