Mathematics is a science, a language and an art whose form and substance can be seen in many of our subjects within the school be it from tessellations in art class, Spreadsheets in business or pseudo code in computer science it is both explicit and implicit in its forms. All Our Staff are experienced and driven Mathematics Teachers who have taught within the British Curriculum and Design their lessons to achieve the most from each student. Students are continually assessed on a Unit by Unit basis and given practical feedback in order to improve in skills and concepts covered in each unit. At KS4 Students are given a Target grade based on CAT4 testing which assesses the students over a broad spectrum of cognitive abilities. Teachers then give predicted grades throughout the Year to see if the Students are meeting their Targeted Grades. Booster Sessions and remediation lessons are offered to all students who are not meeting Target grades within KS5. We celebrate achievements of all students right from Year 7 Certifications to Year 13 merit points. Students are recognized for good note taking and improvements in Progress throughout the Year Groups. Our main goal is to ensure all students are given the right tools and skills to succeed.

Practice makes perfect only if the practice is perfect.


The Spiral Learning model In KS3 builds on prior knowledge as every year they will go into more depth and detail of Units covered the Year before. We use math watch and Seneca to bridge the gap in fluency so more time can be spent in class problem solving through reasoning and conjecture. Formative assessments are ongoing and students use personalized checklists to highlight areas to improve on with the guidance of their Teacher. School wide focus on Note taking skills and individualized feedback based on assessments unit by unit mean students see links between being active in lessons and results in their assessments.


Students will undertake the IGCSE level 9 - 1 Edexcel mathematics A course higher or foundation based on Performance and attendance throughout the Year. They will sit two papers both 100 marks each both two hours in duration at the end of the Year. The foundation Year 11 class will sit their Exam earlier than the higher in january so that interventions can be put in place if needed. The higher course covers a lot more content and more challenges so students' attendance and progress will be monitored throughout both Year 10 and 11 to see if they are meeting the level of the Course through ongoing Formative and summative assessments. In Year 11 students will sit Mock Exams throughout the Year to prepare them for exam conditions and timings of exams. Targeted grades based on Cognitive Tests run by school will constantly be referred back to by predicted grading based on course work and mocks throughout the year to keep the student motivated. KS5 A level and As Level math will have lots of prerequisites from IGCSE Higher level courses which are fundamental to them succeeding at A level math.


A level mathematics spans two years and covers six individual modules. Students will cover P1,P2 and S1 in Year 12 for their As levels and finally P3,P4 and M1 in Year 13. Students will have exposure to S1 statistics in Year 12 which will enrich and compliment any students taking Business at A level whereas in Year 13 the M1 Mechanic module will hit upon areas in the Sciences at A level.

Head of Department - Mr. Damien